a selection of
previous projects.


now I see


As an add-on to the TVC with the Swedish opera artists Rikard Söderberg and Negar Zarassi, this testimonial film was made in a few different cuts mainly for social channels to extend the campaign. 

fair is fair – for all


To tell both existing and future customers and employees about the core values of HELP and the way the company operates, this film project was made. Up to ten different cuts were produced and in this particular film we hear about the benefits of being a SEKO member.

Support your local


When the Swedish government was about to ease restrictions due to a decreasing spread of Covid-19 cases, Menigo wanted to show their support to all restaurants who’d suffered during the pandemic and remind people to go out and start supporting their local restaurants. This film was aired on Youtube, breaching standard numbers by far with over 1,2 million views and a watch time of almost 90%.

Have a seat at the table


A film made to launch the new communication strategy “Long Live the Meal” for Menigo. 

Learn new things


A full-length tutorial on how to bake wort bread was produced, together with the well-known Swedish profiles Sebastian Boudet and Sofia Ståhl. In this “not my arms-challenge” several cutdowns were made and this 30″ is one of them.

Made for Outdoor


As part of a 360 AO-concept for Electrolux’s new product line Perfect Care, this film was produced to promote the outdoor program of the washing machine. 

Get the grip


To highlight the importance of having the right soles on your vehicle, this film and another 7 cuts were produced to be communicated when seasons shift and it’s time for seasonal tire changeover or tire swap. 

Make someone really happy

Live it

As one in a series of 28 different TV commercials, this film was produced to, in an affordable way, highlight various kinds of experiences offered by Live it. They aired in spring time, which is the season for many “gift occasions”. The way they were designed enabled for re-use later on, with a new “gift setting” prior to the red environment. As Christmas, for example.

Underwear selections 19'


A compilation of 20 different BTS-films.Together with photos, these films were part of a digital look book and visuals for Twilfit Sisters – a membership for their customers. 

Food and recepies


A reel cut from various films for Menigo featuring food and recepies.

Meet the Dedicated


Based on the foundation of Twilfit’s “Free to Be”, a series of content was produced. In this episode, as part of “Free to be Dedicated” we meet Madeleine who’s been on the skateboard since childhood. 

Made for Sports


As part of a 360 AO-concept for Electrolux’s new product line Perfect Care, this film was produced to promote the sports program of the washing machine. 

Diary stories


The idea with ”Diary Stories”, as a concept, was to visualize the small moments in everyday life in a lifestyle-manner rather than through the classic commercial look. In this case, for the summer and swimwear collection, that would be the vacation. The imagery was ment to be perceived as documentary, with an analogue feel to it.

Always by your side


Togheter with an editorial piece and photgraphs, we get to know the Storm sisters in this BTS-film. What is it like to have another person reflecting yourself, both from your own point of view but also in the eyes of others?